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Anamika Madan Discusses How to Make Online Meetings Worth Attending Again

Greenwich, CT / While the pandemic has taught us all that it is possible to produce work and productivity away from the physical office, Anamika Madan notes one thing that likely won’t stay as a norm is the online meeting or web conference. The average person right now spends so much time staring at a computer screen for online meetings they are just about ready to throw their laptop out the window or patio door to never see another digital meeting again. Unfortunately, that’s not practical nor likely doable for a bit more into 2021, at least. …

Anamika Madan of Greenwich Discusses Why a Mediterranean Diet Might be Right for You

The Mediterranean diet is more than a diet, it’s a structured eating plan. This style of eating is driven from the healthy eating habits traditionally practiced in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Southern France. Anamika Madan of Greenwich recently discussed the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and why it might be right for you.

Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is linked to a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more. That’s because the diet consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, oily fish, and dairy in moderation.

Anamika Madan of Greenwich Discusses How to Stay Mentally Healthy During a Spring Lockdown

Health and wellness enthusiast Anamika Madan recently discussed how to stay mentally healthy during a spring lockdown.

GREENWICH, CT / The warm spring months are expected to cause a spike in COVID-19 cases. This likely means more lockdowns in various cities across the country. Health and wellness enthusiast Anamika Madan of Greenwich recently explained that while a spring lockdown may feel discouraging, there are several things you can do to preserve your mental health while cooped up at home.

“Guidelines recently set in place, or likely to be set in place, in the coming months will unintentionally isolate some people…

Anamika Madan recently discussed the food and nutrition trends expected to take hold in the new year.

Trends tend to come and go every year. Some last just a couple of months while others remain popular for several years. In the field of health and wellness, Anamika Madan is already seeing the food and nutrition trends that are likely to arise in the year 2021.

“We’re going to see a lot in the direction of functional nutrition,” Anamika Madan said. …

Health enthusiast Anamika Madan discusses the healthy eating habits that reduce the risk of diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. It generally means that your body is unable to properly use insulin. Many people are able to safely control their blood sugar levels with healthy eating and exercise, even some individuals battling type 2 diabetes. However, others require additional insulin or medication to manage insulin levels. Anamika Madan recently discussed how healthy eating habits can reduce your risk of diabetes and lead to an overall healthier lifestyle.

“Health professionals tend to sound like broken records…

Health and wellness enthusiast Anamika Madan recently discussed how diet can affect your overall mood and happiness.

Recent studies have shown that your gut is strongly linked to your brain. Health and wellness enthusiast Anamika Madan recently explained that the gut microbiome is the bacteria that lives in your digestive system. This bacteria controls how your body processes foods, and Anamika Madan explained that when that balance is off, it can greatly affect your health and overall mood.

“What you eat can have an effect on how you feel mentally and physically,” Anamika Madan said. …

GREENWICH, CT, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2020 / — The death of a loved one is devastating. Dealing with that death can be even more difficult if the person doesn’t have all of their estate planning and documents in place. Financial advisor Anamika Madan recently discussed the importance of estate planning and having documents officially drafted by an attorney.

“Estate planning is more serious than most people think,” Anamika Madan said. “A single word out of place or a missing signature can result in major problems.”

There are more than enough reasons to hire an estate attorney, but Anamika…

GREENWICH, CT, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2020 / / — The year 2020 has had major impacts on the finances of citizens across the country and around the globe. The coronavirus pandemic has proven, in many ways, why an emergency financial fund is something everyone should possess, when possible. Financial advisor Anamika Madan recently emphasized the importance of starting your emergency fund today.

“Emergency funds prevent major financial problems. They can keep your family afloat in times of crisis without having to fall into more debt,” Anamika Madan said. …

GREENWICH, CT / The COVID-19 pandemic has turned people’s finances upside down. However, that doesn’t mean all financial planning should be thrown out the window. Financial advisor Anamika Madan recently discussed tips for financial planning during the pandemic and why staying on track is so important.

“Many feel that there is no end in sight to this pandemic and are anxious about how it has and may continue to effect our personal financial circumstances,” Anamika Madan said. “During times of volatility, it’s best to review your financial plan and investment strategy to make sure that is line with your goals.”

Anamika Madan

Anamika Madan has worked in the Financial Industry for over 14 years and prides herself on putting the client’s best interest first. Being a Certified Financial

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